Music is considered a universal language—an art form used to unite people all over the world. To celebrate the holidays this year, GLOBALHealthPR is sharing favorite songs from our partners around the world.

From raps and mashups to traditional carols, check out our holiday playlist! Then, read on to learn more about how we get in the holiday spirit.


We celebrate Christmas with a popular song called “Los Reyes Magos,” which describes the arrival of the three wise men. This song is a part of “Navidad Nuestra,” one of the great Argentine folkloric creations from musician Ariel Ramírez and poet Félix Luna.

-Eugenia de la Fuente, Paradigma PEL Comunicación


We wanted to share Christmas songs that best encapsulate the hot down under during the holidays. While not the most traditional of holiday songs, “Aussie Jingle Bells” from Aussie Christmas with Bucko & Champs is all about the beach, BBQs, seafood and having a blast with your family!

Kristen Bruce, VIVA! Communications


There is no shortage of Canadian musical talent! Did you know that some of your favorite traditional Christmas songs are sung by Canadians? Our go-to songs are the classic “O Holy Night,” performed by Celine Dion, and “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)” by Michael Bublé.

Carol Levine, energi PR


Here in France we like to celebrate with holiday songs from around the world! A few of our favorites are from U.S. artists like Chet Baker’s “Silent Nights” and Bill Evan’s rockin’ “Santa Claus Is Coming To Town.” Also—who can forget about Argentinean composer Ariel Ramirez’s classic, “Missa Criola”?

Marie-Hélène Coste, MHC


We celebrate Christmas with many songs heard around the country! Our favorite is the joyful “In der Weihnachtsbäckerei” or “In the Christmas Bakery” by Rolf Zuckowski. Who doesn’t love flour, milk and cookies? Another is “Kling Glöckchen, Klingelineling” or “Ring, Little Bell, Ring!” by Helene Fischer.

Sabine Reinstädler, fischerAppelt

Hong Kong

During Christmas in Hong Kong, we enjoy traditional Christmas songs, but we also like to take those songs and mash them with our own Cantonese lyrics! One of the most popular comes from a cartoon called “McDull,” or “cute pig,” and is a riff on “Oh, Christmas Tree.”

We also celebrate the Lunar New Year with our favorite song「財神到」, which means “Arrival of the God of Wealth.” This song was created by Hong Kong’s most popular pop singer, Sam Hui, nearly 40 years ago. You can still hear us playing this song every new year!

Sam Mak, Madison Communications


Every Diwali festival and New Year is celebrated with equal enthusiasm. While we celebrate Christmas with the same songs and carols as around the world, for Diwali we also have religious bhajans, which are songs with religious themes or spiritual ideas. We sing them for Laxmi, the goddess of wealth, fortune and prosperity. We’re sharing our favorite “Diwali Song” and “Happy Diwali”!

Priti Mohile, MediaMedic Communications

Italy and Switzerland

Christmas is a joyful celebration for adults and children alike! One of our favorite and most well-known songs is called “Tu scendi dalle stelle,” and is traditionally sung every year by children’s choirs in schools. It was written in 1754, so it’s highly likely almost all of us have sung it at one point in our lives!

Martin Slater, Noesis


We have a tradition called “Posadas,” which is tied to the Christian Bible story of the birth of Jesus Christ. Like a nativity scene, we stage reenactments of Joseph and Mary’s journey going door to door looking for shelter. Once the couple has found shelter, we perform a series of songs and the party begins! We always kick off the celebration with one of our favorites, “Para Pedir y Dar Posada.”

-Paola de la Barreda, PRP


We don’t celebrate with a traditional Christmas song… we celebrate with a popular rap song! Called “Jul Det’ Cool”—or “Christmas, It’s Cool” in English—this song is performed by MC Einar in Danish and has become a hit across the country. So, we don’t just wrap presents—we RAP them, too!

One of our favorite traditional Christmas songs is “Julebal i Nisseland.” While it’s not a rap, it brings just as much holiday cheer!

Christian Juul Nyhus, Effector


We believe that it’s not quite Christmas without Polish Christmas carols! There are hundreds to choose from, ranging from traditional to light-hearted. There’s truly one for every mood you’re in! For your listening pleasure, we chose “Dzisiaj Z Betlejem” by Anna Maria Jopek and “Świeć, gwiazdeczko, świeć” by Arka Noego.

Andrzej Kropiwnicki, Alfa Communications


We celebrate Christmas with two classic Portuguese songs: “A Todos Um Bom Natal,” or “Merry Christmas to All,” and “Nesta Noite Branca” by Anjos and Susana. You can count on hearing either of these played on the radio or hummed by passerby during the holiday season!

Jorge Azevedo, Guess What Communications


Move over Mariah Carey! Here in Romania, we have somewhat of a Christmas king, Ștefan Hrușcă. Hrușcă is known for his songs about the holiday season and we enjoy all his holiday spirit! While it’s hard to pick just one, we’ll leave you with “Deschide Usa Crestine,” or “Open the Door, Good Christian!”

Not a big Hrușcă fan? We also love Paula Seling’s “Din an in an.”

Andreea Cristea, MedicalPR


We like to celebrate the holidays with a contemporary and original Christmas song by one of Singapore’s most popular bands, The Sam Willows. “I’m Gonna Be Loved (This Christmas)” was released November 2018—and we’ve been playing it on repeat ever since!

Emma Thompson, Spurwing Communications


We call Christmas songs “villancicos,” which translates to “Christmas carols.” Like the rest of our partners, we have a few that sit just a bit closer to our hearts! Our favorite is “Compana Sobre Campana,” or “Bell After Bell.”

Juan Luis Recio, Berbes Asociados

United Kingdom

In the words of one of our favourite Christmas songs from UK rock band Slade: “IT’S CHRISTMAS!” We also think that the best part about the holiday season is the joy and giving! “Do They Know It’s Christmas” by Band Aid celebrates the season of giving by reminding us that we’re the world.

Neil Crump, Aurora Communications

United States

It’s not Christmas without a little Mariah Carey, so we had to go with the classic “All I Want For Christmas Is You.” You’d be lying if you said you haven’t belted out this one every holiday season!

It’s also not Hanukkah without at least one hit from The Maccabeats, an American Orthodox Jewish a cappella group! Our favorite is “I Have a Little Dreidel.”

-Michelle Anderson, Spectrum


Happy Holidays! We look forward to working with you in the new year. To get in touch with GLOBALHealthPR, please email