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Whether your need is local or global, GLOBALHealthPR can provide strategic counsel, spokesperson media training and role-playing simulation to prepare you to weather a crisis.


“In today’s world, where information spreads across borders more quickly than ever before, an ability to deliver a controlled, credible and consistent message internally and externally in times of crisis is critical to preserving a company’s reputation. Our thoughtful, tailored approach to issues preparedness and response ensures our clients’ local, regional or global issues are addressed appropriately, and always with a focus on the patient.”

Timothy Goddard, United States


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Arriving at Spectrum New York

Arriving in New York City on Sunday, I was immediately taken aback by the sheer size and volume of the place. It is a phenomenal city to behold. I was met and given a tour of the new office space, in Battery Park, close to the most southernmost tip of Manhattan Island...

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The Little Big Role of Public Relations

Today's blog entry comes to us from Jorge Azevedo, Managing Director of Guess What, our GLOBALHealthPR partner in Portugal. In today’s world we are under scrutiny every minute. The “Berlin Wall” of privacy that once defended organizations has fallen to the hands of a...

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