casalToday’s blog post comes to us from Mayra Lopes of GLOBALHealthPR partner in Brazil, Tino Comunicação

With its market debut in Brazil coming in January 2014, Durex aims to change the practical, old-fashioned view Brazilians have on birth control, and instead foster the idea that using protection should not interfere in sexual pleasure. By using the results from Durex’s bi-annual report, The Global Face of Sex, the condom company also hopes to understand how sex education during adolescence can influence sexual behavior in adult life.

The Durex survey revealed that people who use protection when having sex for the first time are three times more likely to use protection throughout their lives. The study was conducted in thirty-seven countries, including Brazil. Approximately 30,000 people between the ages of eighteen and sixty-four responded to the survey.

With these numbers in mind, Tino entered into a partnership with Durex and Instituto Kaplan – a specialist in sexual matters – to enforce sex education in schools. The main intention of the action is to boost awareness of STD and HIV prevention among adolescents thirteen years and older. Teachers will be encouraged to promote the project, and will be provided with training and materials.

Based on the information gathered by the worldwide survey, Tino also plans to promote a talk show under the theme “Great Sex Moves You.” The show will involve a range of topics involving sexual behaviour can be openly discussed.

The official launch will be held January 21, 2014 at a press conference in São Paulo. It is the largest promotion planned for the brand in the coming year. Manufactured by Reckitt Benckiser, Durex plans to introduce its ‘sexual well-being’ concept to the country. Carmita Abdo, a Brazilian psychiatrist and sexologist, will be participate in the launch,as well as several Casal Sem Vergonha (The Unashamed Couple) bloggers who write and talk about their relationships and sex lives.

The Durex launch in Brazil is not only a great opportunity to bolster the Brazilian condom market, but also to raise awareness of the importance of safe sex—especially among young teens –and to break some old taboos among all sexually active people. Tino is excited to be part of such an important launch and is working hard to ensure its success.