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Clinical Trials Recruitment & Retention

Pharmaceutical innovation depends on clinical trials composed of the right patient participants from diverse communities. To identify the right patients, you’ve got to know how to reach them. We leverage our advocacy and media ties, and connect with patients on digital, social and mobile channels to tell your clinical trial story. We’re familiar with the regulatory parameters around clinical trial communications, and we know how to talk to patients so they feel comfortable and informed.


“Effective clinical trial recruitment is a balancing act among the interests of the sponsors of the trial, the patients being recruited, the families of these patients, the medical centres and third-party investigators implementing the research programme, and the government regulators who oversee the process. In choosing a consultancy to provide communications support for clinical trial recruitment, the sponsor must carefully weigh all of these these factors in judging the quality and cost-effectiveness of the offers being made. Often the consultant’s advice may seem complex or even counter-intuitive, but that is the challenge of this work, and successful clinical trial sponsors will recognize the care that has gone into a sound and, hopefully, winning proposal.”

Kenneth Rabin, Poland


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