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Do you have a global brand story to tell, but want to ensure target audiences in China will tune in to the message? What angles will resonate in Europe or in the United States, and who should tell the story? GLOBALHealthPR media relations specialists understand the international media landscape, as well as the unique attributes of doing business in a country or region. We build strong relationships with reporters and influencers, and employ traditional and social media tactics to create compelling news for client success.

“In a world filled with competing messages, media relationships are indispensable in helping our clients share their story with the right audiences and achieve their communications goals. GLOBALHealthPR partners truly understand the media in each of our markets, from top-tier national outlets to medical trade publications, and leverage our deep relationships to achieve the best results. Our teams ensure that your latest approval, data milestone or announcement gets the attention it deserves.”

Amanda Sellers, United States

“Media relations is a fundamental part of the strategic communicator’s work no matter where you are in the world. We develop media content with the type of language and messaging that gets results for our clients.”

Paola de la Barreda, Mexico

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Spain’s Journalists: Happy Professionals?

Today's blog comes to us from Berbés Asociados, our GLOBALHealthPR partner in Spain. 2013 was not a good year for the media in Spain, according to a new annual study of the Madrid Press Association. Last year, a total of 4,434 journalists lost their jobs and 73 media...

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World Cup in Brazil: Opportunity or Challenge?

There is a common saying here that Brazil is o país do futebol, or “country of football.” It is easy to understand why: Brazilian players wear five stars on their jerseys, one for each World Cup the country has won. Some of the sport’s most famous stars – Pelé, Garrincha, Ronaldo, Kaká and now Neymar – are Brazilian. And, Brazil invented the so-called “Art of Football.” So yes, most will easily agree that Brazil is revered in the sport. Seven years ago, when FIFA President Joseph Blatter confirmed that Brazil would host the tournament in 2014, the country was abuzz with both positive and negative reactions. Now, a few months away from the event, there is still a lot to do and the country’s critics are speaking out through the international press on an almost daily basis.

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They Call Themselves “Ninjas”

Is there a new game-changer in Brazilian journalism? Laís Cattassini of Tino Comunicação, GLOBALHealthPR's partner in Brazil discusses. Here in Brazil, there is no question journalism has seen a dramatic change over the years. Although I am not old enough to have...

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