Your product can’t make it on a safety and efficacy story alone. You need insight into payer environments and a keen sense of market priority to demonstrate the power of your brand, and we’ve designed Reimbursography™ to do just that. Let GLOBALHealthPR™ work with your clinical development team early on, to build a potent value story leading to reimbursement success.

ree’-imbursogruhfee     noun

  1. A global strategic communications programme that leverages GLOBALHealthPR’s country-specific pharma market access insights to shape the value context for a brand, leading to reimbursement success.

“With a deep understanding of in-market priorities and the right strategic approach, Reimbursography creates a surround-sound for a brand within the treatment paradigm to drive understanding among key stakeholders.”


Leading emerging countries will account for 33 percent of global spending on pharmaceuticals by 2017, compared to 12 percent in 2005.

— The Pharmaceutical Industry and Global Health Facts and Figures 2014

Navigating Market Access for Maximum Value

Each global market has its unique access and reimbursement challenges, and Reimbursography is your guide through the complex landscape. With country-specific insights, your GLOBALHealthPR team will tailor a Reimbursography strategy for your pharmaceutical or biopharmaceutical product to tell a value story that resonates with stakeholders and sets your product up for success.

Reimbursography is your market-by-market guide to maximising your brand’s value

GLOBALHealthPR partners and experts developed country-specific guides to give you the big picture view of pharmaceutical pricing and reimbursement in key global markets. Each country guide features an overview of the market access landscape, key payer stakeholders, important points to keep in mind and implications for industry.

Value Analysis

A critical first step is building the value proposition for your new molecule or biologic. You’ll receive a custom ReimbursoGRAPH with the top five pain points for your brand globally, preparing your team to frame the value story early in the development process.

Custom Value Story Workshop

Take an intensive look into your products’ brand potential. Our experts will join you onsite to help develop your brand value positioning amid new global pharma HTA realities.

The Value Narrative

In today’s global market, proof of value is just as important as proof of concept. We’ll shape your brand’s story to showcase its clinical impact, safety profile and how it adds value to the marketplace.


Partner with us to build your brand's value story