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Digital & Social Media Strategy

Digital and social media provide an essential channel for your organisation to inform strategy, tell your story, engage your audiences, and influence the media. From websites and apps to Twitter and Weibo we utilize the most effective options to analyze and shape conversations and tell your story in a meaningful way, that also complies with local regulations.

“As the world increasingly communicates digitally, opportunities emerge for pharma and healthcare marketers to engage with their customers widen to the digital space. From insight mining, Health PR, category building to brand communication, wherever applicable, this new medium offers exciting opportunities. Understanding the medium, scientific communication, the regulations and consumer attitudes is all important for success.”

Priti Mohile, India

“For GLOBALHealthPR, digital is no longer a separate discipline. It is considered in everything we do as our teams work with clients to maximise the opportunities and integrate multichannel marketing communications.”

Claire Eldridge, United Kingdom


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