Today’s blog post comes to us from Mayra Lopes of GLOBALHealthPR Brazil partner, Tino Comunicação.

Planning, building strategy, fundraising… check! Next comes launch and the agenda is already full of activities. Just last week, collage-tino-pics-1024x393Tino Comunicação launched Saia da Bolha (Burst the Bubble) for primary immunodeficiency awareness. Primary immunodeficiency is a genetic disorder that attacks a patient’s immune system. To draw attention, the inauguration consisted of a performance: an actress was inside of a bubble around São Paulo’s bustling Paulista Avenue area performing routine tasks and captivating those passing by.

Although Brazil’s public health system provides free treatment for the disease, an estimated 170,000 people suffer from immunodeficiency in the country and the condition is often underdiagnosed. Early diagnosis and proper treatment help patients have long and healthy lives.


Brazilian Football Star Cafu

Soccer stars help kick glaucoma 

“Cuidado com o Glaucoma – Entre em Campo Contra o Glaucoma” (Beware of Glaucoma – On the field against Glaucoma) is announcing the premiere of its third edition on May 26 and is counting on energetic ambassadors. In the build-up for the World Cup, two central figures of Brazil’s fifth World Cup title in 2002 play a starring role. Tino Comunicação is pleased to unite team captain Cafu, and goalkeeper Marcos to raise people’s awareness for a disease that is the main cause of irreversible blindness in the world.

The launch is happening during the National Week Against Glaucoma, May 26-30. To celebrate, local media is invited to participate in a “sensorial” lunch: they are eating blindfolded. The idea is to have them to experience vision loss and raise attention to the fact that glaucoma affects more than two million Brazilians. The campaign is supported by Brazilian Society of Glaucoma and Brazilian Association of Friends, Relatives and Patients of Glaucoma.

More is yet to come!

People suffering from rare diseases are each time more aware that they can get stronger if united. That is the core idea of Muitos Somos Raros (“Many of us are rare”). The campaign aims to facilitate rare-disease diagnosis and unite not only patients but also relatives, caregivers and friends. The online platform is already running and the Facebook page is receiving messages of encouragement and identification every day. The launch comes in May with medical association and industry support.

Lastly, Tino Comunicação has planned and is now executing “Sol, Amigo da Infância” (“Sun, childhood friend”) together with the Brazilian Society for Dermatology (São Paulo). The campaign has strong educational appeal and aims to intensify awareness amongst parents and children about reducing the skin’s exposure to sun and preventing skin cancer. The communications strategy calls for a strong online presence and large media dissemination, as well as partnership with schools in São Paulo.