The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic is being felt worldwide. In response, many of our global partners—dedicated to improving and protecting health—have created initiatives and communications campaigns to curb the spread of misinformation, combat COVID-19 and help companies navigate challenges of the current environment.

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Australia, VIVA! Communications – COVID Comms Cast

VIVA!’s COVID Comms Cast is a strategic communications solution aiming to support the pharma and healthcare industry members and stakeholders during this unprecedented time. The initiative is comprised of senior, health-literate communicators well-versed in navigating issues and crisis-rich environments and offers support for identifying effective, authentic and accurate health-oriented messages, communication campaigns and collateral throughout COVID-19.

Brazil, Tino Comunicação – Por Dentro Do Coronavirus

Tino’s initiative features Brazilian doctor and journalist Luís Fernando Correia. In this partnership, Tino and Luís Fernando developed a channel geared towards fighting the COVID-19 pandemic and limiting the spread of misinformation in the country. The initiative’s website is integrated with the most popular and factual news sites in Brazil, including the Ministry of Health.

Germany, fischerAppelt – #Allefüralle

FischerAppelt helped launch a “Germany Against Corona” initiative at the beginning of the crisis to raise awareness of the security measures the country put in place to flatten the curve. Although the pandemic brings many challenges for the world to face, everyone can actively contribute to overcoming them. The campaign encourages individuals to use the hashtag #allforall on social media, hopefully motivating others to keep the necessary safety distance in public spaces.

Italy, Connexia – Communication Compass

Connexia confirmed its concrete commitment during the pandemic by launching a Communication Compass dashboard. The dashboard can be used to monitor solidarity between companies during the emergency—it integrates an international map of all communication initiatives implemented in response to the pandemic, collecting global campaigns with a COVID-19 lens.

Mexico, PRP Mexico – #YoEnCasa

In partnership with the Communication and Advertising association in Mexico, PRP worked to develop a campaign encouraging people to stay at home. The campaign began before official lockdown orders were in place in the region and continues to spread positive messaging around social distancing.

Portugal, Guess What PR – #AMARCADOSHERÓIS

To bring awareness to the unseen struggles that many doctors, nurses and other medical professionals are enduring during this pandemic, Guess What created a campaign that focuses on making those challenges visible. On healthcare workers faces you can see the exhaustion and creases of the masks that serve as their armor after long shifts. With a marker, pencil or ink pen, Guess What wants people to write #AMARCADOSHERÓIS on their faces and share the images on their social channels, so that those who are sacrificing their lives to help are not forgotten.

South Africa, F/NE Group – F/NE For Good

Earlier this year, the F/NE Group launched an initiative geared towards using communications to help nonprofits. When the COVID-19 pandemic reached their country, they decided to use their platform and develop additional resources for NGOs in need of COVID-19 communication.

United States, Spectrum Science – #BeatTheSit

As an agency focused on connecting humankind to its best healthlife, Spectrum Science wanted to develop a call to action that communicates the urgency around staying home and the criticality of “out-sitting” of events. “Beat the Sit Out of COVID-19” encourages people to share how they’re sitting out on social media, using the #BeatTheSit hashtag.

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We Work. Together. Our slogan is a constant reminder on how we can collaborate for the greater good of global health—and together, we can work to fight COVID-19 and save millions of lives.

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