Featured on-air and online, a focus of this year’s global campaign will be to encourage youth to donate blood and inspire others to do the same.

NEW YORK and MILAN, June 10, 2021 – GLOBALHealthPR, the largest independent health and science communications agency partnership worldwide, is thrilled to announce today that its Italy partner office, Connexia, has been named the official global creative agency for World Blood Donor Day 2021 (WBDD), working on behalf of the World Health Organization (WHO) and key Italian public health stakeholders including the Ministry of Health.

World Blood Donor Day was established in 2005 to raise awareness of the importance of regular blood donations. In particular, this year’s WBDD targets young people (ages 18-25 years) and focuses on the essential contribution this generation can make by saving and improving lives with their donations.

The WHO selected Italy to host this year’s World Blood Donor Day Global Event in Rome from June 14-15. The two-day event will feature a series of special initiatives promoted by the Ministry of Health in collaboration with the National Blood Center (CNS) and donor associations. The inauguration of the Virtual Donors’ Village, a digital space for meetings, scientific symposia and information, aims to raise awareness and provide information on the importance of voluntary donation. A virtual concert will also be held on June 14, featuring Indonesian singer-songwriter Anggun and other special guests. 

Connexia created the concepts for the integrated campaign, developed a communication strategy and deployed all assets on a global level. The slogan for this year, Give Blood and Keep the World Beating, plays on the word “beating,” linking heartbeats and sound rhythms while speaking to the international and intergenerational language of music.

The campaign also features a 30-second film that uses animation to depict the extraordinary journey of a bag of blood — from the donor to the patient receiving it. The act of donating triggers a rhythm and a visual narrative that comes to life through the drawings of international illustrator Margherita Premuroso.

This digital short, available on-air in a 30-second format on all Italian television programming RAI channels, will also be available in a 40-second version that will be released on the official channels of the WHO, Ministry of Health, Istituto Superiore di Sanità and Italian donor associations.

“For me, donating blood is an extraordinary act that helps the health service to function effectively every day, ensuring that it is fit for its purpose,” explains Minister of Health Roberto Speranza in a video-message focused on health. “Italy is striving to invest [in this cause] with all its energy, but we need more and more people to do their part: we need women and men who are prepared to devote a little of their time and give a little of their blood to a cause that is just and important. We will work hard to organize our networks as best we can, but we clearly need the consent and support of many other people. I would like to thank everyone who has decided to donate blood, because it is a compassionate and wonderful act that really helps our National Health Service to function. And I also want to express my gratitude to all those who will be working hard over the next two days and weeks to ensure that this event will once again send out a positive message of revival and strength to our National Health Service.”

“We are thrilled to collaborate with the World Health Organization, the Ministry of Health, the National Blood Center and donor associations for World Blood Donor Day 2021,” remarked Paolo d’Ammassa, CEO & Founding Partner of Connexia. “The campaign that we have created for the occasion, which will be featured on television networks and social media, aims to reach a worldwide audience made up primarily of young people, whose donations are increasingly crucial but experiencing a steady decline. In order to convey such an essential and vital message in a language that speaks to young people, we chose a direct creative approach, combining the simplicity of drawings with the rhythm of music.”

“Never before has the importance of communication in promoting basic health practices — from proper hand washing to the usefulness of vaccinations — been more apparent than during the pandemic. Effective communication can make a difference and save lives, as it has continued to do during the COVID-19 emergency. The video made for World Blood Donor Day is a perfect example of how to make difficult messages — which can struggle to “hit home” and raise awareness among certain categories of people — more engaging,” explains Vincenzo De Angelis, CNS Director. “The campaign is truly global: it is aimed at citizens of all countries and all ages. The video, like the other materials produced, has managed to strike a universal key that we hope will bring the world of donation closer to those who are not normally interested in this type of message, such as young people.”

“I am delighted to see young people at the center of World Blood Donor Day this year,” noted Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, WHO Director-General. “Our young people have suffered in particular during this pandemic, but they have also shown extraordinary resilience and adaptability. Many of the world’s blood donors are young and it is time for their vital contribution to health and to the community at large to be recognized: by donating blood, young people can save lives. So, we would like to say a big THANK YOU to all the young blood donors of today and tomorrow. Give Blood and Keep the World Beating!”


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